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Kscien organization for scientific research in collaboration with Polytechnic University and Patriotic Student of Kurdistan arranged a workshop on December 13, 2017 entitled (Research Excellence), in which four seminars have been presented and ended by comments and discussion as the following:

1-      Opening statement by organizers. In which the three organizers welcomed the audience in three short statements.

2-      Importance of research by university president assistant professor Kawa Sherwani. The president highlighted the importance of research especially at time being and for Kurdistan region which faces several devastating problems requires extensive studies.

3-      Literature review by director of Kscien organization for scientific research; Dr.Fahmi H. Kakamad. The director addressed an extremely vital step in research conduction which is unfortunately forgotten by several researchers, literature review. He explained steps in conduction of scientific literature review.  

4-      Principles of writing manuscript in two parts by advisor of Kscien organization for scientific research; Dr.Heshu Sleman Rahman. Our adviser, in accordance with scientific steps in writing manuscript narrated critical and amazing stories in her researcher life and advised the audience how to overcome those problems facing them during writing a scientific text.   

5-      Quality Journal by Kscien advisor professor Kawis Aziz. The advisor introduced high quality journals to the audience and analyzed the meaning and importance of journal metrics.

About 500 participants (undergraduate and postgraduate student and university teaching staff) attended the workshop.