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As part of Kscien’s continuing activities in the field of scientific research and its development, the organisation held the first Excellent Papers symposium on February 22nd, 2018 in Sulaimani/Kurdistan.

The event comprised the assessment and analysis of the all the published researches in the field of the applied sciences for the year of 2017 carried out by researchers and fellows in the Iraqi Kurdistan using the Kscien’s exclusive, self-generated SNAPR score for the assessment purpose, the papers were ranked and their respective owners were awarded.

The event started at 10:30 with registration of the attendants followed by speech from the president of the University of Sulaymniyah, organizers of the symposium as well as other parties focusing on the importance of such activities and the role of the Kscien was much appreciated.

Later, at 11:30 a seminar was given by Dr. Hiwa Omer Baba regarding the SNAPR score, its importance and international experts’ opinion of the score. The award ceremony started at 12:00 and the winners were awarded accordingly followed by a presentation by the winner of the contest at 12:20, on the methodologies, pathways and his own experience on carrying out researches and their importance in the development of the scientific establishments as well as the states and countries.

Last but not the least, the ceremony ended with announcement of the future projects of Kscien, namely the Researcher Project and Project Vitamin D and the event ended with appreciation of the audience for their valuable attendance.